With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017 set to begin on June 17, the spotlight is on India’s chances of improving last year’s metal tally of 27 or even winning another Glass Grand Prix to seal a hat-trick

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With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2017 set to begin on June 17, the spotlight is on India’s chances of improving last year’s metal tally of 27 or even winning another Glass Grand Prix to seal a hat-trick




Going to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an expensive affair. Entering work in a particular category could cost an agency anything between 475 euros to 1615 euros, which conveniently rules out the work done by smaller agencies in India, which may not have that kind of money to spend. It is not exactly a cake-walk for the big network agencies either, especially with demonetization wreaking havoc last year along with a global cost-cutting exercise.

According to a forecast by Magna Global, the ad buying agency owned by Interpublic, global ad spending is expected to grow by 3.6% in 2017, compared with 5.7% in 2016. Even WPP, the largest global ad holding company, in March reported its slowest quarter of revenue growth since 2012, which may lead one to believe that entering awards may be a logical cost-cutting target. In India, the Pitch Madison Advertising Outlook 2017 estimated the loss in the months of November-December 2016 due to demonetization at a whopping Rs 1,650 crore; and put out a lower growth projection than last year for Adex at 13.5%, while the PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021 estimated India’s annual growth rate (CAGR) at 10.5% between 2017 and 2021.

How will this scenario affect India’s show of strength at Cannes? It is a fact that some agencies are sending fewer delegates this year. As for the work entered, some agencies like Scarecrow, which actively participated in the Cannes Lions last year, have decided to give the festival a miss, while there are others like DDB Mudra, which refrained from entering the Goafest Abbys this year, but is headed all guns blazing to the South of France.

Amit Akali, whose Medulla Communications won the  'Health Agency of the Year' at Cannes last year, says, “Cannes is the recognition of the work an agency has done through the year and I’m sure agencies and networks won’t compromise on the number of entries sent. So India’s show of strength won’t be affected if we talk with regard to the number of entries as a benchmark. But yes, the number of delegates attending Cannes, from what I’ve heard, has been affected by cost-cutting and will reduce.” Akali is on the jury for Pharma Lions this year.

Echoing the same sentiment, Pratap Bose, Co-Founder, The Social Street, who is on the panel for Promo and Activation Lions, says, “I don’t see demonetization affecting the number of entries from India. Agencies adopt a more focused approach of submitting their most impactful and competitive work to the festival jury. But the biggest challenge that agencies face for the award entries is to be able to narrate your campaign story concisely and comprehensively in a two-minute film and limited word format.”



More than 6o years ago, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity started with just one category – TV Commercial. Today, there are 24 different categories under which advertising work across the globe can be entered. Experts say Indian entries are largely in the traditional categories like Print, Television, Outdoor, etc, where there is a lot of competition as compared to newer categories like Mobile and Cyber. But we have come a long way from not having a single shortlist in both the categories in 2015 to 10 shortlists in Cyber, with one Bronze Lion and one shortlist in Mobile, last year. Rahul Nangia, Jt. NCD, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, who is on the Radio Jury, says, “We are trying enough in terms of ideas that go beyond the traditional medium. But when it comes to the perspective, vision and efforts put in execution, we just don’t do enough yet. We try to get into an execution style which is more international assuming it will appeal to the jury more, but I feel what stands out more than often is 15 local entries. Jurors are looking to be surprised and are open to culturally different insights, different executions. So instead of focussing on being visually slick, which is not our strength yet, we should try to bring in more of an Indian texture to our entries. It always stands out.”

A slightly different view comes from Akali who says, “A big challenge Indian entries face is ‘context’. Most Indian entries are popular in their country because of the cultural context within which it is created. These contexts might escape international juries. That, according to me, is the most important job of a jury member from India; explaining the cultural context of Indian work. But overall, the challenges differ from category to category. For example, India as a country is a lot weaker in digital and technology related categories. The other challenge is scale. Most international work is on a larger scale, usually released in many countries and therefore has been consumed by the jury even before they judge. That said, if the idea and execution is great, it’ll win big, irrespective of scale.”



Talking about jurors at Cannes, 390 experts from 50 countries have been selected as jurors this year, out of which 43% are women, a record for the Festival. Clearly, a huge step towards gender diversity in advertising, considering that the number of women on the panel has more than doubled in the last five years from 21% in 2012. Three out of 11 jurors selected from India are women, i.e., Ritu Sharda from BBDO India (Cyber jury), Anita Nayyar of Havas Media (Media panel) and Amrit Ahuja of MSLGroup India (Innovation jury).

Overall, there has been a decision to dramatically reduce the number of jurors at Cannes this year – cutting down by 92 members across the board - to ensure that the highest standard of meaningful debate can take place. “There may be a fairly large screening/shortlisting panel, but there will be only 10 jurors on the final day for any jury, and therefore much higher quality people,” says Nandan Srinath, Director Response at Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd. (official India representative of the Cannes Lions Festival). “As a result, there has been a ripple effect in terms of the total number of jurors across the world, and the India numbers also become smaller. Three jurors from India are on the shortlisting panels and won’t need to judge at Cannes.”

Justifying the reduction, Viral Pandya, Co-founder & CCO, Out of the Box, India who is on the panel for Design Lions, says,Of course, a jury with fewer people with proven credentials is better than a large jury. Further, in a smaller jury, the jurors can interact with each other better and have quality discussions. The decision to prune the size of the jury is right.”



Talking about a single entry being shortlisted from India in the Innovation Lions category which she is judging at Cannes, Amrit Ahuja, Managing Director, 20:20 MSL says, “It is a chicken and egg story for India to improve its conversion rate. Marketers need to have a long term vision when it comes to investing in impactful campaigns. Agencies and creative professionals also need to utilize budgets to acquire best industry talent and work on solutions and campaigns that need investment.”

Meanwhile, Agnello Dias, Co-founder, Taproot Dentsu, who is judging the Outdoor Lions, says, “I feel our conversion rate is satisfactory since they have been going up year on year ever since we broke through the big winners about 10 years ago. More than our conversion rate, we could perhaps cut down on some of the entries that are not constructed to catch an award jury's fancy.”                                                                      

Talking about how Indian entries are faring, Pandya says, “As I am through with five online rounds of judging (for over a month-and-a half), I have seen a good body of work from India. If anything, I felt there is a surfeit of entries from India. Perhaps agencies must have cut down the number of entries to other festivals, and focused on Cannes.”



While the year 2016 saw various campaigns like ManBoobs, The Next Rembrandt and McWhopper taking the world by storm, India stood out with its domination in the Glass Lions category, winning a  Grand Prix with Mindshare’s ‘6 Pack Band’, apart from two Glass Lions – #DadsShareTheLoad from BBDO India and Beauty Tips by Reshma  from Ogilvy & Mather India.  

In the inaugural year of the Glass Lions in 2015 too, India had won the Glass Grand Prix for the ‘Whisper-Touch the Pickle’ campaign by BBDO India. The agency also bagged a Glass Lion for 'Share the Load' for Ariel Matic.


That makes India the only country to ever win the Glass Grand Prix, ever since its inception. Therefore, the question is not just whether we can improve our metal tally from last year’s 27, but whether we can win the Glass Grand Prix this time too and score a hat-trick.    


India party at Cannes  will say ‘Welcome  to the Newspaper’

By Srabana Lahiri

As the official India representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd has been hosting the India party at Cannes for years during the festival. While it used to be nothing more than a great party that all Indians awaited, this year, BCCL is looking at far more angularity, especially to showcase its campaign ‘Power of Print’.


In fact, at a time when several media companies and agencies have cut down on the size of their contingent and investments in the festival, BCCL is looking to double its investments, bullish about its agenda for Print. “Cannes is an expensive place. But our belief, that Print has immense headroom for growth left, is making us double our investments. Earlier, we just used to hold the party, and spend X amount of money. This year, we are 2X in terms of our investments - both human capital and money - to make sure that we start to get something genuine out of our association with the Cannes Lions,” says Nandan Srinath, Director- Response at BCCL.    

“The tenure of our party is changing. We are doing more than just a party this time, and getting into conversations. We are also considering partnerships with Twitter, Instagram, etc, to see how we can build a strong digital angle to whatever we do at the Cannes Lions – while there would be 150-odd Indian people there, we have many more people here in India. So how do we transport the excitement and the knowledge? That’s one of our objectives,” Srinath adds.

BCCL has a 10-member delegation this year, including CEO Raj Jain, in addition to sponsoring five two-member teams - winners of various contests - at the Cannes Lions. “Three teams are winners of the Young Lions, one team won the ‘Power of Print’ awards, and the fifth team won the ‘Innovation Roadshow’ contest that we had been running since December. Our attempt is to further these conversations around innovation, around the effectiveness in reach of Print at the party. So, there is a strong thematic angle to the party, called ‘Welcome to the Newspaper’. We are actively considering a campaign that we can do for global audiences to tell them how Print is thriving in this country as opposed to their own countries,” explains Srinath, adding that all the major digital era advertisers - Facebook, Google, Amazon, Flipkart - are also among BCCL’s largest advertisers, and among the largest spenders in Print over the last 2-3 years. “If you are a typical person from the Western media and advertising industry, you would wonder what makes Airbnb use Print in India? What makes Facebook and Google use Print in India? Therefore, that’s a very strong credential establishment for Print and indeed for the Times of India Group. We are looking to further that conversation at a more global level.”



This year, the Cannes Lions festival is introducing a new peer-learning and networking service called ‘Braindates’. It’s an innovative platform that blends smart technology with in-person introductions to help delegates find like-minded people with whom they can share their festival experience, knowledge and ideas. All official delegates will be able to use the Braindates service by creating their profiles on the Cannes Lions braindating portal,, and creating ‘Offers & Requests’ for knowledge-sharing. The actual Braindates, or meetings between participants, will take place at the new Connections Beach, right beside the Palais des Festivals, between 10:00 and 15:00 daily during the festival.

To book a Braindate, registered delegates can explore other people’s offers, choose whom they’d like to meet and get in touch to agree on a time to meet. There will even be Braindating match-makers at the Connections Beach to introduce delegates to their ‘Braindate’ at the appointed time and answer any questions.

Connected Creativity wristbands: In addition to Braindates, the festival organizers will distribute ‘Connect Bands’to all delegates. These nifty little bands will be the simplest, fastest way to capture the details of people delegates network with, right across the festival. All they need to do is download the Connect Band app, touch the wristbands together to share name and contact details.


Brand: Red Cross Society

The Indian Red Cross Society launched the World’s First Savings Account for Blood through the Blood Banking app- an app which enables people to save their own blood, just the way they’d save money in a bank. Hugely successful for the Red Cross and Rotary International, it achieved the Guinness World Record for the highest amount of blood collected in a day. With an average of more than 1000 downloads every day and over 250,000 units of blood collected in the last one year, Blood Banking has been invited to enter the Effectiveness Lions category at Cannes Lions 2017.

Brand: The Hindu

The idea ‘Tale of Two Cities’ was meant to awaken the readers of The Hindu, by demonstrating the two sides of Bangalore, one blessed by mother nature and other a portrait of human devastation.  The agency ignited a social conversation with two interactive parallel play films, made from thousands of reader generated posts, mobile phone portraits, Instagram landscapes and WhatsApp video posts, showing the evergreen potential across various landmarks in the city. It led to 89.5 million impressions on Twitter and is being entered in Mobile, Cyber and Film categories.

Brand: Haiyya (Delhi based NGO)

The According to the Hindu religion, a woman cannot perform the last rites of her parents after death. Only a male can do that - usually the eldest son. In cases where parents have only daughters, the closest male relative from the paternal side performs the last rites. This tradition has been a cause of sorrow for both parents as well as daughters. Hence the agency started a movement ‘My Daughter Will’ to ensure that every woman in India has a legal right to perform her parent’s last rites. It has been entered in Glass, PR, Promo and activation categories.


Agency says

Senthil Kumar, CCO, J. Walter Thompson

“Our Global Creative Council led by Matt Eastwood  and India Creative Council - My core team has pushed real hard on the quality of our creative product and we are seeing a visible difference in all the work coming out of J .Walter Thompson. We have chosen to exhibit our best work across all our eight offices in South Asia but selected only the top 10 ideas for our annual Olympics and Oscars of Advertising: The Cannes Lions 2017. Here is our Top 03 for the Festival of Ideas. And may the best ideas win.”



Brand: HP Lubricants

HP Lubricants and Leo Burnett India have innovated with #RoadsThatHonk, the world’s first anti-collision vehicle management system, to make India’s national highways safer. It adopts SmartLife poles at sharp curves and hairpin bends, the first such set is installed on NH1 along the Jammu-Srinagar Highway, and employs advanced networked devices and combines wireless technology, radar systems, and an anti-collision warning system, powered by solar PV modules. The poles are placed on each side of key hairpin bends; they detect speeds of oncoming vehicles, then communicate with each other to caution approaching vehicles on either side with a horn.

Brand: Tata Capital

A significant section of the population doesn’t have access to organized credit for no fault of their own. Leo Burnett India has co-created a financial product that democratises the loan approval process with just the power of Facebook likes! With this, they have done away with a vicious cycle plaguing India’s ‘unloanables’: people with no credit scores being unable to apply for a loan, and the same people not receiving a loan because of no credit scores. Salaam Loans thus attempts to fulfil dreams.

Brand: Bajaj V

Bajaj V's Invincible Indians is a platform where stories of ordinary people and their selfless service to society evokes pride every day. This is Bajaj V's way of giving back, and making it slightly easier for everyday heroes to serve selflessly. With the legendary Vikrant’s metal running in the V’s veins and invoking a sense of pride, to identifying Invincible Indians, the agency along with the brand is now creating custom-designed products to empower everyday heroes. This is just over a year post the launch of the Bajaj V bike.

Brand: Fortis Healthcare

India just has 0.34 donors per million Indians, a disappointing statistic to say the least. Fortis Healthcare saw an opportunity to make a positive difference to the wellbeing of the nation and spread much-needed awareness, unveiling a campaign ‘#MoreToGive’. War veterans, especially those who had sacrificed their limbs for the nation, came forward to pledge their organs. When even the ones who had been through so much had more to give for others, what excuse does the common man have to not pledge their organs?

Agency says

RajDeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett South Asia

“Almost all of Leo Burnett India’s work speaks a new, different language of communication. All four pieces of the work we have entered for Cannes Lions 2017 - #RoadsThatHonk, Salaam Loans, #MoreToGive and Invincible Indians, come from a place of HumanKind. Each integrated campaign goes on to either help save lives or make people’s lives better. As creative partners, we aim to positively impact human lives and I believe that this work has achieved that goal in more ways than one.”



Brand: Saafkins

India has a crisis no one is talking about: Over 400 million rural women are forced to miss five days every month. Just because of their period. That’s 60 days lost a year, 3.9 years over a lifetime. #GiveHer5 is the crowdfunding initiative with Saafkins reusable sanitary napkins that gives her five of ‘those’ days back with reusable menstrual protection for just 150 rupees. To raise awareness about how their world goes dark each time they get her period, we got influential female blogger - Miss Malini to go offline with #GiveHer5. And thousands like her followed. It is being entered in Cyber Lions, PR Lions, Glass Lions.

Brand: Pampers

In India 88% of dads believe that baby-care is the mother’s responsibility. Pampers #ItTakes2 asked a simple question: If it takes two to make a baby, shouldn’t it take two to raise a baby? Even 97% doctors agreed, for happy, healthy development, a baby needs both parents. The film showed Indian dads that they could play the role of co-nurturers and not just the providers in their baby’s lives, as babies pick up cognitive skills from them. Online conversations started, followed by diaper changing stations in men’s washrooms so dads can play a role even outside the home, and the first ever daddy-baby pack. Celebs and Mommy Bloggers joined in leading to 99% positive brand sentiment. It is being entered in Cyber Lions, Design Lions, Glass Lions, PR Lions, Promo & Activation Lions.


Brand: Thomas Cook

Despite its rich natural and ethnic background, there is very little social exchange between the North East of India and the rest of the country. Seen as outsiders, or tribal, or even separatists, the people from the area are often at the receiving end of stereotyping and alienation, the issue even turning violent at times. However, those who have visited these states realise that the culture and people are very different from what they might have assumed. The ‘Turn what you know around’ campaign for Thomas Cook intends to question the myths about the region and is being entered across categories like Film Lions - Travel & Transport, Film Craft - Direction, Use of original music, Radio - Travel & Transport, Casting.


Brand: The News Minute

The News Minute, an online news portal, wanted its followers to think, question and debate, rather than just consume. So the agency took inspiration from a real story shown on a news channel where the reporter commenting on a footage from a madrasa explained that the kids were being brainwashed and indoctrinated into jihadi ideology when in reality they were just memorizing the Quran. The agency recreated the scene through their ‘Question More’ campaign to see what the middle class makes of it. As expected, most of them reacted to the visual stimulus, without bothering to question the content.  The campaign is being entered in Cyber Lions - Media & Publications, Native Advertising, Social Video; Entertainment Lions - Online: non-fiction under 15 minutes, Audience engagement; Film Lions, Outdoor Lions.


Rahul Nangia, Jt. National Creative Director

“We have looked at campaigns that in some way have some social impact. That has been L&K Saatchi and Saatchi’s thrust for the past couple of years. So, all of these campaigns in fact have that one thing in common, in very different areas, attempting to change perceptions. Like in the case of P&G it is a social experiment about making baby care part of the responsibility of men.”




Brand: Adidas

Through the ‘Odds’ campaign, the shoemaker was seen offering pairs of shoes containing two lefts and two rights to empower the amputee blade runner community. Santosh Padhi, Co-founder, Taproot Dentsu says, “This idea doesn’t cost any money, just interchange the shoes and you get a pair, it works because of its simplicity and novelty. We launched it during the Paralympics to celebrate this powerful community which has been doing such amazing things that it makes us feel handicapped.” The agency has entered it across categories like Promo, PR, Direct, Product Design and Film Craft.


Brand: Airtel

In the unfortunate circumstance of an accident, when the victim becomes unconscious or is badly injured, there is no way people can reach out to the victim’s family and friends because the contacts are hidden behind the phone’s passcode. That’s where Taproot Dentsu’s big idea comes handy. Titus Upputuru, Creative Head, Taproot Dentsu, Gurgaon says, “The Life Saving Wallpapers helps everyone make mobile wallpapers with emergency contacts and blood group, so that that information remains accessible without having to unlock the screen. Across India, people are benefitting from this initiative. Who thought Wallpapers can save lives, but in today’s world it is possible.” It is being entered in Mobile and Out of Home categories.

Agency says

Santosh Padhi, Co-founder, Taproot Dentsu

“We are really proud of our ‘Odds’ campaign. We have entered it in four award festivals and it has won everywhere and we feel it deserves to win even at Cannes. But having said that Cannes is all about surprises, I learnt that lesson many a times including last year. Our IOAA campaign – Everything works better when it’s outdoor had won nothing less than Gold and Silver in all award functions, but it didn’t do anything at Cannes. So I am prepared even if they want to surprise us second year in a row.”


Brand: Aquanaut Dive School

Contract is entering their work ‘Water-trekking’ for Aquanaut Dive School in the Print category at Cannes. Every year more and more Indians are going off to explore different lands. But their exploration of these lands, ends with seeing only what’s on land. So the agency showed them different countries in a way they haven’t thought of visiting by telling them that to truly experience a new land, they must also experience the world beneath it. Through this campaign Contract showed people the water version of the land they want to see.








Their entry in the radio category is for, an application aimed at helping school students clear their doubts in Mathematics and Science through detailed video tutorials at no cost. Ashish Chakravarty, NCD, Contract says, “The campaign uses sound and voice performances to bring out the benefit of the app and is a very nice take on Maths and other subjects which are considered difficult to cope with. It uses radio very well to amplify the thought that kids are scared of certain subjects. It has got a great response wherever we have played it out, classic radio stuff.”

Agency says

Ashish Chakravarty, NCD, Contract

“We don’t enter more than three to four pieces at Cannes every year. We are entering more than two campaigns even this year but are very hopeful of the one for and Water Trekking. Hand on heart, I am the most excited about our radio entry. The one for the diving school is beautifully art directed and has a fabulous throw but we are entering it in a conventional category like Print and I am aware it will have many other interesting pieces to compete with.” 



Brand: Mortein

Havas is entering the campaign Mortein “Kill the Real Demons’ in PR and Promo & Activation (Use of Live Festivals and Concerts) Category. Every year, mosquito borne diseases reach a peak around the festival of Dussehra where effigies of the demon king Ravana are burnt to symbolise victory of good over evil. In 2016, Mortein, a mosquito repellent brand, had a unique solution- Limited edition Mortein Ravana packs made with ActivCards. This effigy when burnt drove away mosquitoes. So not only did people celebrate the festival but also drove mosquitoes away.

Brand: Mortein

The agency is also entering Mortein Limited Edition Dussehra Pack under Design Lions (Promotional Item Design & Special Editions & Promotional Packaging) category. Inspired by the Indian art of making a Ravana effigy, Havas used the paper cut and paste technique to build a Ravana from Mortein ActivCard pack. Perforations were made to make it an easy DIY pack. The colors and graphics used were designed keeping in mind the traditional importance of this festival. The pack was compact and no plastic was used.

Agency says

Nima Namchu, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide

“Today, every creative person is working on coming up with ideas that use technology. You can see that at every award show. I believe, sometimes, many simple ideas, which are as creative, effective and equally remarkable, tend to get left behind on the long walk to the Palais. In my opinion, the Mortein “Kill the Real Demons” initiative and the Limited Edition Dussehra Pack will stand out in the crowd. And will, hopefully, help to remind the jury and our peers of the power of simple ideas.”



BBDO India

Brand: Ariel

Dads #ShareTheLoad’ – a movement for deeper social change spoke to dads by shining a mirror at their actions and showing them that they have the power to end the cycle of gender inequality by sharing the load. As more and more people in India saw, shared and spoke about the message, Ariel launched the Share the Load pack with a unique calendar that divided the laundry task between men and women equally, by marking odd days for men and even days for women to do the laundry. These and other actions by the brand led to some profound changes in social behaviour and impact on brand. Over 2.1 million men pledged to Share the load. Dads #ShareTheLoad created  a movement that resulted in 65 million views, 2.6 billion impressions. Sales went up by 105% and engagement by 4.6 times (the highest ever).


Brand: Mirinda

Weeks before the board exams begin, PepsiCo India rolled out a thought-provoking campaign raising the issue of examination stress among teenagers which often leads to depression and suicidal tendencies. Titled Release the Pressure, the digital film is a powerful appeal to parents to support and motivate their children. The film crossed 25 million views in just three weeks of the launch. Mirinda introduced a set of 11 million bottles recently, where the labels of each feature an open letter written by teenagers across the country.  The labels also carry a number for people to call and pledge their support to the cause.  With the ‘release the pressure’ commitment on 11 million bottle caps, the brand is encouraging more and more parents to pledge for change.



Brand: Indian Association Of Palliative Care

In India, even talking about death is taboo. Even terminally ill patients and their families don’t discuss death, let alone palliative care. The fact is that Palliative care helps patients and their families get comfortable with death, accept it, even laugh about it. So as proof and demonstration of what Palliative care does, the agency partnered with terminally ill patients to perform a series of stand-up comedy shows, trained by professionals, for their doctors, families and other unsuspecting audiences. The footage from these shows became the ‘Last Laugh’ campaign’s digital video, which went viral with over three million views. The campaign received 300 million impressions. It is being entered in Lions Health, Cyber, PR, Film Lions and Entertainment Lions categories.


Agency says

Amit Akali, Chief Creative Officer, Medulla Communications Private Limited

“After being awarded the ‘Heath care Agency of the Year’ at Cannes last year, Medulla’s follow-up campaign on one of the most awarded Indian campaigns of 2016 – Last Words (For IAPC) has the agency demonstrating the use of Palliative Care in a unique way – by laughing at death. The other two campaigns that we’ve entered into the Cannes Lions this year are for Regaine, J&J’s brand to tackle baldness – the “Hairvertising” campaign for consumers and the “Hardworking Minoxidil” illustration-based campaign for doctors.”




Brand: Kamasutra Super Thin Condoms


The idea- In India, the pull-out method is the most preferred contraceptive among couples. Because a lot of Indians are allergic to the 'latex' feel.  However, this is a highly unreliable method of contraception! By dramatising the unreliability of the pull out method Kamasutra offers a solution ++ SuperThin condoms that protect, without the latex feel! The agency has entered the ad in categories like Outdoor Lions; A04: Billboards & Street Posters: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Healthcare & Pharmacy, B04: Indoor Posters: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Healthcare & Pharmacy and Print & Publishing Lions: A06: Print: Healthcare & Pharmacy.

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