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Bloomberg|Quint launched its BQ WhatsApp Service in November 2017 and since then, has gained around 4,00,000 users. Ankit Dhadda, Head of Marketing and Product, BQ WhatsApp Service tells us about the reception so far, and why the service has succeeded in striking a chord with users.

THE USER DEMOGRAPHY: India contributes to over 90% of the total traffic from WhatsApp. The top metros and Tier 1 cities contribute to over 70% of the users, with Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore being the leading cities. The contribution from Tier II towns is around 22% of overall traffic from India. As the BQ service is an English focused service, the participation from Tier III towns is limited. About 60% of our audience is in the 25-44 years age group.

THE ROLE OF DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS LIKE SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER: Social platforms are now an integral extension to any media company. At Bloomberg|Quint, we do eight hours of live video streaming daily and platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Periscope ensure that our reach is comparable or higher than some of our TV competitors in the business news genre. We work closely with these platforms to expand audience base and find new ways of monetisation through branded content and video advertising.

LEVERAGING DIGITAL PLATFORMS FOR BETTER CONNECT: Video and data have been the two pillars on which we have built our presence on social platforms. Bloomberg|Quint is consistently among the top ten new age publishers for video on Facebook. We also leverage the Oracle Bluekai Data Management Platform (DMP) to serve BQ audiences with targeted advertising on multiple social and content platforms. Additonally, we have extended our messenger subscription service on Facebook messenger and Telegram.

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