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BY Eularie Saldanha

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One of India’s oldest conglomerates, the Godrej Group, launched its very own Experiential Marketing IP, the Godrej L’Affaire in 2017. Sujit Patil, VP & Head of Corporate Brand & Communications, Godrej Group tells us how the traditionally rooted brand entered into the experiential marketing space with Godrej L’Affaire, to secure a special place in the heart of consumers, especially millennials...

Research prior to the launch of the property revealed that the youth’s affinity towards the traditional brand Godrej needed to be much better and more relevant. “We realized that vanilla advertising is not immersive and we needed a master-brand strategy for the Godrej Group, which engages with millennials,” says Patil. The property was born to create a brand agnostic platform, to enable the Group to complete the circle of lifestyle.

Patil also believes that influencer engagement and experiential marketing is a must, since millennials prefer content that is authentic and experiences that are real.
Speaking of how the property helped convert potential consumers into buyers, he said “We created an integration of almost all our brands which had unique USPs and it caught over 1600 leads. Every untold story about our brands come and manifest themselves in an experiential manner at the Godrej L’affaire, which rubs off in a very positive manner, leading to more sales.”

Almost every relevant brand under the Godrej Group participates in the IP through influencer engagement, including Godrej Interio, GCPL, Godrej Professional and more.
The upcoming edition of L’ Affaire has about 45 participating brands, ranging from Tata Motors EV to Tonino Lamborghini perfumes. Patil tells us that the property’s admiration scores have gone up by 6% based on the various parameters studied by Millward Brown.

Godrej L’Affaire’s fourth edition is slated to take place in Mumbai on February, 22, 2020.

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