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BY Eularie Saldanha

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Recognising the increasing mosquito menace in India, the Government has a plan to make the country malaria-free by 2030. To help make this aim a reality, brand Goodknight from the Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) stable just launched the Goodknight Gold Flash vaporiser, which eliminates the need for use of multiple format mosquito repellents. The brand has also withdrawn its Power Active liquid vaporisers and will slowly phase out refills for the product within the next few quarters in order to offer a single, more effective solution to consumers.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Sunil Kataria, Chief Executive Officer - India & SAARC, GCPL said, “Roughly 45% people use dual formats, but want the convenience and all-round protection of a liquid vaporiser. We picked up this insight to create a comprehensive one-stop solution for all consumers, without charging a premium for it.”

Although the brand aims to convert all its users to the flash machines, it is aware of the six crore consumers who use the Power Active machines, and has discontinued only the machines and not the refill just now. “We have stopped the sale of active machines, but at the same time, we don’t wish to cause inconvenience to our existing power active users”, Kataria added. He is aware of the marketing challenges that come with the replacement of the product, but is also positive that as the campaign gathers momentum, consumers will shift to the new machine and recognise the difference.

Goodknight’s campaigns have mostly played on the emotional appeal in its commercials. Kataria said, “The mosquito repellent category is only built on harshness and always speaks about killing. What makes our brand market-leaders in the category is our focus on protection and not on killing.” He believes that product efficacy is not the only thing important for the brand and that its appeal too goes a long way in drawing customers.

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