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BY Anjana Naskar

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Journalist Faye D’Souza was the guest at the latest edition of media veteran Raj Nayak’s talk show Friday’s Live with Raj Nayak. She spoke of her journey from working at All India Radio (AIR) to CNBC-TV18 to ET Now and Mirror Now, and said that she is on the verge of launching an online news platform as her own brand. The name of the brand is yet to be revealed.

“I believe that the biggest responsibility as a journalist is to inform young people. We have the world’s largest community of young people in this country, who are voters, custodians, stakeholders and the future of this country, informing them in a responsible and even-toned way is the responsibility and that is what I’m taking forward,” D’Souza told Nayak, founder & MD of the House of Cheer. “The idea is to keep the tone of the content very simple so that people consume it and decide how to feel,” she added.

D’Souza, who hails from Chikmagalur, and shot to fame with Mirror Now’s ‘The Urban Debate’, announced that the subscriber-based online platform will cover in-depth stories about various issues including climate change, healthcare, education, police reforms and things that affect people’s lives.

Before joining Mirror Now, D’Souza was the Editor of Personal Finance at ET Now. During this unprecedented health crisis and economic slowdown, she advised people not to invest right away.

“I believe we are entering a phase where money is going to mean very different things to all of us. It doesn’t matter who we are, your relationship with money is going to change. How you treat money and money treats you back will change post-COVID,” she said. “Any real decision you make about your money, do after we get back to our jobs.”

Talking about what happiness means to her, she said, “Happiness to me is a job well done. I like to feel at the end of the day - I did something good… that idea of being tired at the end of the day because you have done so much work… that’s really my happy place. I suppose family, friends and laughter is happiness. I enjoy sharing space, time and food with them,” she observed.

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