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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) has partnered with KPMG India to create a learning and development programme for the company’s front-line managers. Through the cohort-based programme called Embark, ZEEL aims to train 450 managers across the organisation during a period of two years. The programme, designed by the KPMG Learning Academy, has been undertaken with a belief that front-line managers are the link between the broad strategies of management and their on-ground execution. Providing over 25,000 hours of training, Embark is one of the most ambitious capability building exercises undertaken by ZEEL.

Speaking of the insight and objectives behind the creation of the Embark programme, Animesh Kumar, Chief People Officer, ZEEL says, “The media and entertainment industry is going through a huge transformation, largely because of the various digital and technological changes in the industry. We have also seen changes in the way viewers are consuming content and the kind of content they choose to consume. So Embark will prepare the company to stay ahead in this evolving context today. It will also help us improve our speed and agility, and be a lot more responsive. The best way to improve the agility to adapt to the changes in the market is to enable a devolution of power, for which we have to ensure that we upskill our managers.”

Kumar adds that the programme will cover the first level of managers across the company. Explaining the kind of training the programme will provide, he says, “The classroom intervention would be about 7-8 days. The training is a programme that is nearly seven months long, including virtual classrooms, self-learning groups, virtual academies, case studies and various other learning methods.” The senior corporate leadership has also played an important part in the shaping of the programme design, Kumar adds. “We had people like Punit Misra and other members of the senior leadership spend time with the design team helping them sharpen programme design by first clearly defining what it should do, how it should be rolled out and delivered, and ensuring that it meets the desired outcome – that is to create a talent pipeline that will fuel our growth,” he remarks.

Based on behavioural, technical and digital skills, the programme will be executed in four key phases that will empower, create and institutionalise the learning journey for a seamless transition of employees into their new managerial roles.

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