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BY Imran Fazal

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Q] What was the idea behind the #BindaasTryKar campaign?
The one very important aspect aboutNivea is our deep-rooted understanding of consumers. Our brand is over 110 years old, and that has happened because of our strength in consumer understanding. This also includes the widening of our portfolio over time. It’s a significantly big master brand today, playing across many skincare categories, including body lotions, creams, face cleansing, lip care, etc.

In India, we have showcased our wide range of Deo Roll-ons and have focused on women who lead an active lifestyle. This campaign was born from the fact that a number of women are conscious of their underarm skin. A number of urban Indian women indulge in hair removal routines on their underarms, which includes waxing and shaving, and a harsh hair removal routine over time can cause damage to the underarms. Through this campaign, #BindassTryKar, we are encouraging women to try Deo Roll-ons with zero percent alcohol in them. They can be directly applied on your underarm skin and work very gently on your skin. Therefore, giving you the confidence to flaunt your smooth, beautiful underarms.

Q] What was the marketing mix of the campaign?
The marketing mix includes a combination of elements. We have combined TV with very strong digital presence, social media, influencer collaborations, as well as on ground initiatives in some of the key metros and key towns across the country. We have a TV first approach, which is then amplified through a number of other mediums and media vehicles. Taapsee Pannu, our brand ambassador is widely loved and followed, she has close to more than 20 million followers on Instagram. She helps us in building awareness along with our various media mix segments. This brings the entire campaign to life and communicates the message of #BindassTryKar Bindass Roll-on to urban India.

Q] There are various skin care products available in the market today, whom doesNivea consider as a competition?
Nivea is a global brand and we continue to do our job by remaining focused on delivering consistent competitive growth across all categories. So, we don’t comment on any specific set of competitors that we work with. For us, it’s really about staying focused on driving consistent competitive growth here in the market.

Q] What are the key challenges a skincare product company likeNivea faces in India, as well as abroad?
Let me tell you about India, as I will not be able to offer you a global perspective simply because it’s not in my purview to comment on that. I think one of the biggest challenges or opportunities in India, specifically in skincare, is the ability for brands to drive penetration. It is also about how we can get more and more Indian consumers to adopt and use skincare. The index is the single biggest challenge and opportunity for us specifically in India.

Q] Nivea being a German brand, there is a huge consumer sentiment built on ‘Made In India’ brands, do you think that affects sales of your products in the country?
Not really. While the brand is originally a German brand, there’s a lot of deep consumer connection amongst Indians with the brand. So, I don’t think there is any impact on sales because of this.

Q] Today innovation is the key to success. What innovative strategiesNivea utilizes to stay ahead of the rest?
One of the biggest things about the brand is our heritage and our legacy of over a hundred plus years, built on two fundamental attributes of trust and care. Our global corporate purpose that we stand for is care beyond skin, and care is at the heart of our company and our brand. It’s one of our equity drivers, and is also one of our core values in the company. The second very important attribute is trust. We are India’s number one trusted skincare brand for the year 2022, an award we received from an agency called Trust Research Advisory (TRA). We take this position very seriously, and it is a matter of pride for us. This has helped us have lasting relationships with consumers through generations and still helps us give valuable insights and valuable foresights into what consumers are looking at and what their behavioural shifts and trends are. We use that to derive our key innovation strategies going into the future, which allows us to stay ahead of the competitors.

Q] What is the marketing strategy that you emphasize on to reach the right target audience and to have a greater impact for your campaigns?
One of the key things is of course trust. In the world today, it’s extremely important to build trust and also retain trust. Our track record of performance and time spent in the market tells you about the emotional connection consumers have with this brand. Not only this generation, but the previous one, and even the generation before that have built a connection. We also see a lot of young consumers wanting to try a number of our products and a number of our skincare solutions. Therefore, because of the combination of all of these things, the brand is today a one-stop-shop for all skincare offerings across multiple categories. This, I think, is the key for us to stay connected with our consumers and continue to build love and trust in the future.

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