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After 55 years of being in the business of entertainment, Shemaroo has set out on a new growth path armed with a new brand identity. Hiren Gada, CEO and Atul Maru, Joint MD, Shemaroo Entertainment along with Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India unveiled the new brand identity of Shemaroo in Mumbai on July 10.

Earlier this year, Shemaroo had brought on board Ogilvy India to chart out its refreshed identity. According to Jeswani, the new logo has been devised after a thorough understanding of the brand, consumers, and the trade.

Talking about the rebranding, Gada says, “In the last 10 years, our journey has evolved and accelerated in the digital space. Today, we are partnering most of the digital media or platforms in some way or the other. The advent of international streaming services has indeed changed the way Indians view entertainment. Even Indian content players are riding this trend and so should we. For us, entertainment is loud, colourful, over the top, full of joy and emotions. Whatever we watch has an added ‘tadka’ to it. It is this ‘tadka’ that differentiates what we Indians consume. With over five decades of doing what we do best, we have come to understand what India really wants when it comes to being entertained.”

“Our mission is to be an antidote to boredom and stress for millions of Indians by delivering high-quality content that appeals to the Indian palate, accessible on demand. Today onwards, we will be donning new colours. We are looking at five-fold growth in the next five years,” he adds.

The new logo combines the needs of a digitized world with the nation’s culture of vivacity to give rise to a fresh brand identity. The logo comprises a series of overlapping layers in rich Indian colours, standing for Shemaroo’s aim of offering an imaginative range of zesty Indian content to a diverse group of consumers. The shape of the design elements has been derived from the digital play button. Says Jeswani about the refresh, “It has been a fantastic journey working with Shemaroo to bring their rich and colourful legacy alive through a new brand identity. When we were invited to join them in refreshing the 55-year-old journey, building a new identity and taking it into a form that stays for 50 more years, we started by interviewing all the key stakeholders inside Shemaroo and consumers. This brand stands for something deeply Indian and we were trying to identify what that core something was. Therefore, the colours are deeply Indian and it is a very vibrant logo. The tagline ‘India Khush Hua’ encapsulates the fact that Shemaroo makes India happy with all the content it produces.”

The new identity is being unveiled across all Shemaroo assets including the digital medium where Shemaroo garners over 600 million views a month. A phased campaign to target consumer and trade touch-points started on July 11 and will run for 4-5 weeks.

Shemaroo would be among the top 10 most viewed channel partners on YouTube in India. As for advertising revenue on Shemaroo, Gada says, “There is very strong advertiser interest and we do get our fair share of advertisement from being served on the Google platform. The rest is incremental ad revenue accruing from broadcasters earning ad revenue on their platforms.”

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