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Last year, Mia introduced ‘BornToBeMe’ birthstone bracelets with coloured stones depicting attitude of each zodiac sign in the design. This year they have launched birthstone pendants in the same range. “This concept has worked really well for us. It is basically ‘mass customisation’, although many women are wearing it, every woman will feel that it’s made for them,” says Bhavishya Kelappan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq.

About eight years ago, Mia was introduced from the legacy of Tanishq, as a brand of bold, modern and chic jewellery, targeting working women. Since then, positioning of the brand has evolved from ‘the brand you will love to go to work with’ to ‘MeInAction’ with the idea of increasing the scope of their target audience to all young women in the space, and not just those who go to office for work

“The brand was conceived keeping in mind the requirement of women who wanted to wear jewellery at work. But over time, we realised that our focus on office wear was very sharp and straitjacketed in terms of our targeting. We realised that women didn’t only go to work in the traditional sense of work. Even if she is a housewife, she is a wing behind everybody’s flight. All women are doing something, be it going to office or being an entrepreneur or housewife for that matter. And that’s when we decided to choose this new attitude of ‘MeInAction’,” says Kelappan.
Even in terms of Mia products, the designs became more fun and interesting, bringing in colour stones and larger diamonds. In terms of marketing strategy, from being an opinionated brand, Mia now is a brand that is proud of being feminine. “We have taken away the filter of workwear to fine fashionable jewellery,” she adds.

In August 2018 Lowe Lintas created brand campaign #MeInAction that applauds the women of today for being dynamic, confident and absolutely unapologetic. “The key insight of ‘Me in action’ stems from the concept of feminine capital. Meaning that there is a certain proven theory the women bring to the table, like they would rather succeed in a group as compared to succeeding alone, or they are more intuitive. So the idea ‘Me in action’ is the difference that women bring to the table. It’s not the work they do but who they are while they are partying, holidaying or are at work. It’s about the attitude that they are always in action,” explains Kelappan.

Primarily targeting women between the ages of 28 and 35, the brand, with the launch of its silver range last year, started looking at younger women, possibly 25-26.

A large part of Mia’s spends are focused on the digital medium whether videos or various forms of content creation. They have a video coming out for the birthstone series coupled with a lot of contests, quizzes and user-generated content.

The key focus of Mia’s marketing activities this year is to create awareness and desirability for the brand. “The focus of our marketing activities this year, which also is our current challenge, is to create more awareness for the brand, which will be followed by desirability - that is creating love for the brand in a way that a consumer says that Mia gets my style and then move to advocacy,” says Kelappan.

In India, jewellery has many connotations. It is something that is instilled by generations and gives a sense of security, privilege and prestige. It has evolved from a category where young women would get jewellery from parents or elders to them going and buying it themselves with the thought that they deserve it and they are special. Kelappan says that is the biggest opportunity for the brand. “I think this change is going to be our biggest success and will keep the industry going in the foreseeable future,” she adds.

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