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BY Noel D’Souza

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Kerala’s leading radio channel, Club FM re-launched its channel earlier last week with a striking new logo after being in the South radio ecosystem for over 13 years. The new logo has a longer ‘U’ that stands for the audience who has brought the channel to this level of success. The aim is to have a better relationship with their listeners through interactions with their RJs. The FM channel from Mathrubhumi also has a new strategy in place, which will consist of infotainment shows and interactive sessions.
Mayura Shreyams Kumar, Director, Digital Business, Mathrubhumi Group and Naveen Sreenivasan, Head Media Solutions, TRD (Television, Radio, Digital) Mathrubhumi Group tell us more about the ideation process, marketing strategies of the re-modelled channel and how advertisers can benefit from their revival.

The insight behind rebranding Club FM
Mayura Shreyams Kumar explains the insight behind the rebranding, saying “13 years after we launched Club FM across Kerala, we decided to re-launch it in a new avatar. We came out with this exciting change in our format. There was a structured format that was in place all these years. What we have done is broken up that structured format to create a platform for our listeners that is more engaging and interactive. The listeners are the ones who made us the No.1 FM radio station in Kerala. We are now giving them a better radio experience by making it interactive, engaging, involving listeners and more songs. This will enhance the radio experience of the listeners.”
RJs will speak on various topics which can be entertainment, social problems or lifestyle through live shows from 7 am to 1 am the next day. Kumar points out, “The focus is more on the listeners, the change depicted is in the ‘U’ in our re-branded logo that is bigger. ‘U’ also conveys ‘ugran’ in Malayalam which means ‘excellent’. Our bond between the listener and Club FM is bound to strengthen and grow through this new format.”

On marketing the revamped Club FM
Club FM has also named Tovino Thomas, actor and youth icon, as its brand ambassador. Sreenivasan explains why he is a good fit for the channel. “Tovino Thomas, who is a youth icon and also connects with the masses, is the face of the launch. The launch kicked off with Tovino posting the ‘U’ from our new logo in his social media profile. This made the fans go crazy figuring out what it was. On the launch day, he revealed the mystery, explained the transformation and the focus on ‘U’ the listeners.”
The RJs of the channel kicked off the launch day programmes last week live on Wake-up Kerala, Mathrubhumi News’s popular morning Show. Mathrubhumi also carried a full-page ad featuring their clients wishing Club FM all the best to amplify this further. “We have a comprehensive campaign lined up over the next two months covering Radio, Print, TV, Outdoor and Digital platforms. The campaign is designed by Maitri Advertising, who have been our partners for a long time,” adds Sreenivasan.

Music to the advertiser’s ears?
Detailing the plan to bring new advertisers on Club FM, Kumar further adds, “We are hopeful and will explore a creative advertising approach to get advertisers on board. We have received some very positive feedback on our re-launch. We continue to be a valuable, relevant platform that they cannot afford to miss.”
Sreenivasan further notes that the content will definitely be something advertisers will want to partner with. “The content of the station is going to be interactive, local, and will have more story-telling while staying relevant and informative. With this, our listener engagement and connect will be further strengthened and that will benefit our advertisers.”
Sreenivasan adds that Club FM also has plans in the pipeline for brands to associate and engage with listeners, going forward. He explains that the soon-to-be-launched ‘Club FM Cinema Katha,’ which is a first of its kind property on radio, will provide an ideal platforms for brands to engage with a captivated audience. “Through the Club FM Cinema Katha, we will have three top Malayalam movie directors collaborating and engaging with our listeners to create three crowd-sourced radio cinemas. Further, these could become an anthology of three short movies. This gives a unique opportunity for brands to connect with an involved and enthralled Audience,” Sreenivasan signs off.

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