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The decision really is how to pace ourselves. The newspapers have given us the topic, but social media has given us the trend, the twist, the timeline. How are people feeling about a particular issue? Are they angry, are they angst-ridden, are they amused? Crucially, when do we strike with the topical - when it is at its hottest, at its most newsworthy, at its trending trendiest? We have to decide when it is too premature, when at its peak, when it’s most potent and when past its prime. In the seventies, one topical was created a month. In the nineties, it galloped to once a week. Today, one topical is created every day-and-a-half. The principle is the same. You have a few seconds to reach your consumer - either he’s driving past your hoarding or scrolling down his handset – so you need to catch him quick. Our task is to keep the message snappy and impactful. Never mean or malicious. The mirth of an issue is vital, expressed in a maximum of three or four words. There is no doubt in my mind that the Amul topical is at its most majestic up on a hoarding. But it is at its most immediate on a handset.

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