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The other side of the Lockdown


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Azazul Haque, CCO, Mullen Lintas
Title: The Clean-up guy
Has a new role of Chief Cleaning Officer at home
Claims: To have fixed his balcony into a cozy little place to have a cup of tea with family 

Satbir Singh, Founder & CCO, Thinkstr
Title: The Linguist
Using work from home, quarantine to learn Spanish from Netflix series
Claims: To have mastered all the cuss words and slang in Spanish – says Spanish is just like Punjabi and goes on to demonstrate: Puta, Pendejo, cabron, chingodas, madres

S Yesudas, Co-Founder, Y&A Transformation
Title: The masterchef
Excels in dishing out Thalassery Egg Biryani
Claims: All plates were wiped clean

Ashish Khazanchi, Founder and Managing Partner, Enormous Brands
Title: The Gardener
Has awarded himself a project –of making a vegetable garden in his balcony
Claims: His inhouse mooli is hardly maamooli

Nima Namchu, ex CCO, Havas Worldwide India
Title: The Baker/ Lawnmower Trainee
Currently locked down in Florence, and is using the time to get creative in the kitchen
Claims: He can bake a ‘YUM’ loaf of bread when not busy being a Lawnmower Trainee

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