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Pricing strategies essential to survive slowdown, says Rachana Lokhande of Kinetic India


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Mobile has brought DOOH right into the pockets of the consumers. Almost everyone carries a smartphone these days, making it a moving digital ad space. The advantage of mobility, allows more creative opportunities for advertisers to impact the target audiences with effective storytelling. DOOH advertisements in specific locations having an increased influx of target groups can cross-target them through mobile data enabled devices. Even an individual can be prompted by an interesting OOH ad to make a quick search about the brand message in the smartphone. Retail brands, who would like to have DOOH as one of the touchpoints in a targeted consumers journey can especially benefit from increased engagement with their consumers with the integration of mobile with DOOH.

Consumer targeting with DOOH

The modus operandi of the OOH industry has always been about having the right ad at the

right location, and right location is where target groups are clustered. Before the advent of digital transformation, when manual research was the norm, data discrepancies made an ad, a hit or a miss. But with insights pulled from relevant data, one can target the audience with DOOH at the right time with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Surviving the slowdown

The effects of the economic slowdown will continue to persist this year. It’s going to be a year where small sized media partners will look towards the exit. This will come about due to their decreased holding capacity. Media partners will also resort to reducing the prices to keep themselves afloat. On the client end, multi-agency pitches will be on the rise. Budgets will be under great scrutiny, with spends being analysed closely, hence only the most cost effective solution providers will be preferred. On the other hand, agencies will see gross underquoting to win the account.

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