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BY Eularie Saldanha

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While experience plays a crucial role in the life and reputation of any brand, sensation, which is the very essence of experiential marketing, has taken a huge hit due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the obliteration of on-ground operations and pronouncing a decline in business for most of March and quite possibly for the next few months. Nevertheless, experts in the industry are in wait and watch mode, whilst speculating the impact which will manifest, especially in Q2.

Ajay Upadhyay, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Percept Limited, says, “We are already using this time to create a bank of work and invest in technological solutions for existing and potential clients so that we can roll out our campaigns and events swiftly, once things get back to normal.” Percept recently launched a music variant, ‘Sunburn At Home’ which live-streamed its very first show with multiple artists, garnering a huge response.

We use our access, services and products which help us map audiences by location,” says Dalveer Singh, Head, Experiential Marketing, APAC, Dialogue Factory
Even before the Government could initiate a nationwide lockdown, companies had already pro-actively begun to take precautionary measures, making necessary arrangements for employees.

Sanjoy Roy, President, EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) remarks, “We have signed a petition with the Government to consider some steps like paying income tax refund and paying event companies for work completed and work still in progress.”
In the current scenario, when innovation is no longer a choice, ‘sustain and evolve’ seems to be the mantra the industry swears by.

Consumers and commerce will change in the coming months and post COVID-19. Contingency planning remains key, with experts expecting the best and planning for the worst. “I was thrilled to see 12 pitches ready and delivered to clients in a week,” says Roshan Abbas, MD, Geometry Global, emphasising that the period will be the biggest boost to e-commerce and digital content creators, eliminating most of those stuck in traditional models.

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