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Creativity and authenticity will be key, says Deepshikha Dharmaraj of Genesis BCW


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Focus on creativity

For communication to be impactful today, it has to be multi-channel and integrated. At the core of this integration, there must be creativity. Creativity is no longer just the domain of the advertising world. Any communication campaign today must be creative. It will have to address the insight—a basic human truth about the target audience—and then develop an idea based on that insight. That idea can then be adapted for execution across channels. It is the power of that idea, however, that will make the campaign stand out.

Data analytics and human intelligence

That technology and data analytics will be at the forefront of the next leap in communications is a no-brainer. What needs to be remembered is that human intelligence will have to be layered over that for campaigns to be effective. Predictive analytics combined with this human intelligence will help us with developing targeted messaging and interventions for our clients. 

Authenticity in influence

There has been a growing disillusionment with influencers and yet, you cannot do without the kind of direct connection they bring. The answer is not in doing away with influencers. It is important to realize that influencer engagement is no longer just about getting in those with most numbers. Relevance, reach, and resonance are all equally important in trying to identify the right set of people to communicate the right message to the right audience with clear, measurable impact.

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