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Former Vizeum MD S Yesudas, who set up ‘UnAgency’ Triggerbridge in 2015, recently launched his latest venture, Y&A Transformation Pvt. Ltd, a business transformation company. The new company has positioned itself as one that will achieve business goals for clients, with the vision of helping enterprises erase the ‘Best Practices’ mindset to build the ‘Next Practices’ across verticals such as Data, CRM, RoI and more. Here are excerpts from a conversation with him:

Q] How will Y&A Transformation be different from Triggerbridge?
Triggerbridge was formed with a vision of being the ‘UnAgency’, which means it was still somewhat in the realm of agencies, but did what agencies couldn’t think of doing, simply because their structures didn’t allow that. For example, moving beyond the traditional 4Ps of marketing where consumers became brand ambassadors and not the celebrities, making the media plan an ‘interest plan’, and focusing on ‘share of vision’ instead of share of voice. Essentially, marketing ‘to’ consumers changed to marketing ‘for’ consumers. With Y&A Transformation, the vision is to help enterprises transform six very critical areas of their business – 1) Organizational culture 2) CRM/Customer Centricity/ Customer Experience 3) Data and Content 4)Digital 5) Sustainability/CSR and 6) Marketing RoI. We do this through our threestep process – instigate, illuminate and impact with the help of various tools and processes that can be seen on our website www. ynatransformation.com.

Q] What is your vision for the new venture Y&A Transformation?
We define ourselves as business transformation partners to clients. Our vision is to play a markedly different role in the clients’ lives at the intersection of agencies/business consultants and IT consultants. We are consultants who also implement with accountability and alignment of interests. Additionally, over the next two years, we will incubate six to eight entrepreneurs within Y&A, who will set up their business across our six different verticals, based on Y&A’s customer-first philosophy where they will have business control and operating freedom. As we speak, two ventures, one on content and the other on data and analytics, are being incubated, which will be announced soon.

Q] What are some of your top priorities with the launch of Y&A Transformation?
The topmost priority is to create conversation opportunities with as many people in the ecosystem as possible – clients, agencies, IT consultants, potential team mates, students, entrepreneurs and also move in to building prototypes, collaborating with as many marketers as possible. We want clients to see how our thinking is going to help them move their needle on any of their chosen priorities within our six verticals. There exists some confusion between process automation and digital transformation, and we have decided to simplify that for our clients by offering them solutions for business transformation, where Digital plays a role.

Q] What are some of the accounts that Y&A Transformation has already got on board so far?
We are just four months old now, but can happily boast of beginning the operations with billing from day one. The categories we currently work on, or that are about to be signed on, are automobile, finance, education, media and entertainment, real estate and consumer durables.

Q] At an industry level, what can agencies and brands do differently to achieve the best possible outcome?
Agencies and marketers will make a big difference if they start looking at various cognitive and intuitive insights; particularly from first party data, the amazing targeting possibilities and the big potential of personalized communication and relevant content. This way, they can ensure that the experience on the various touch-points the customers navigate through becomes consistent. They will also need to invest in building a single view of customers to understand the fluidity and dynamism in customer mobility.

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