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Q] What is the insight behind your latest ad campaign, #BeingEqual? Why do you think that it is the right time to talk about gender inequalities?
During the pandemic men and women were equally doing a lot of household chores. In a way, the archaic concept of ‘man versus women’ were blurred. It is the pure conditioning of our society, which has given rise to these gender stereotypes. So, the last two years made us understand that we, as a society, need to change. We had this in our minds for some time, and we thought this is the right time to showcase it. The pandemic has shown us that there is nothing called ‘gender based’ growth, anybody can achieve anything provided s/he gets equal opportunities.

Q] Why did you choose Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) as your partner, and not another IPL team?
While choosing the team we focused on its brand value. KKR is amongst the top four IPL teams with greater equity. Also, KKR is doing a lot for the victims of acid attacks, and as a brand, we too partake in such causes, hence, a connection is there. Obviously, we got associated with IPL because of its huge reach, after all it is the highest rated sports event in the country. Finally, we feel close to KKR because our headquarters is also based out of Kolkata.

Q] Are you trying to penetrate deeper in the eastern region of the country, by roping in KKR?
Of course. We have been consistently working on our markets in West Bengal, and based on that we are growing at a rate of 22%. But, for this campaign, we have to look at another angle too. We strongly believe that young India will be more interested in the brands that have a purpose. We are trying to do work not only at campaign levels, but also on ground. For example, we are going to sponsor girls from Kolkata who want to pursue professional sports. By undertaking such activities, we expect to get more people who will be associated with us for a long time.

Q] As a brand RSH Global seems to be more vocal about the Joy Personal Care than the other two products – Karis Naturals and X-Men. Can you please throw some light on it?
RSH Global is the mother company, and we are known as Joy Personal Care. We’re not a funded company, and we work on our balance sheet on our own. So, we feel that with the current bandwidth, we should focus on one brand and that is Joy Personal Care. Karis Naturals is sold outside our country, and X-Men is a brand which is dedicated to men. We are still not focusing on them because we feel that with our limitations we should take one product at a time. We firmly believe that Joy Personal Care has the potential of becoming much bigger than what it currently is.

RSH Global PVT Ltd was established in 1988 in Kolkata. It started with the vision of becoming a leading personal care company that will deliver the best of consumer hygiene and personal grooming for both men & women globally. It strives to provide a complete personal care product range with its brands like JOY, X-MEN and Karis. It is now present in more than 25 countries, including Africa, Middle-East, and the SAARC countries.

Creative agency: In-house team of Joy Personal Care
Media agency: Platinum Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Digital agency: Madison
PR agency: Adfactors PR

AT RSH Global, Poulomi Roy oversees complete business and marketing operations in multiple geographies, including their international businesses. She is responsible for drafting strategies for revenue generation and growth, and also for developing markets, and communication strategy for their flag ship brand JOY.

Q] In September last year, you announced the launch of your own D2C platform to ramp up your capacity. What’s been the progress in the past six months?
We have been progressing pretty well. By the end of this year, we will be in a position where our D2C platform will contribute to 10% of our overall turnover. We are also present in all the big platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa etc. In the next one or two months, you will also see us selling on our own website.

Q] What was your growth rate in FY 2021-22? And what is your current market share?
RSH Global’s growth rate in the last financial year was 22%. The current market share of our moisturizing cream is approximately 48%, 11 % for body lotion, and approximately 4% for face-wash.

Q] Can you please give an idea about your marketing mix? What percentage of your top line do you spend in marketing?
We are into all relevant platforms, such as, Television, Digital, influencers, etc. Earlier, it used to be 70% mass media, and 30% Digital. But now the ratio is 60: 40. So, the Digital part is gradually increasing, where we focus on social media, short format video, and influencers. We spend around 30% of our top line on marketing.

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