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BY Harshvardhan Lunia

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I was in class 12th, and I still remember very clearly. I had a bad exam and felt anxious about the result. I was not eating properly or interacting much at home and was just keeping to myself. My brother knew what was happening and he came to me and said, “Let’s go for a walk”. That’s it. It was that simple. The air hitting my face when we walked calmed me down.
Since then, walking has been my way of keeping calm in my chaotic life – both in personal and professional situations. Walking is now a part of my routine. I make sure that I go for a walk at the end of the day – it helps me revisit the day, analyze it, and understand things and the ways I could have handled situations differently, if need be, I plan my next day – all this when I’m in my Zen mode. And obviously, it keeps me fit so there is an additional advantage there! I just plug in my headphones, put on my favorite music, and go out of the house for a walk.

Whenever I’m in turmoil, when I’m exhausted or need to just clear my head, or even when I’m happy, or exploring, or just need some time with myself, I just need to go for a walk.
An investor meeting. Let’s go for a walk. Worried about something at work? Let’s go for a walk.
Touring a new city? Let’s go for a walk.
In fact, in some ways, the idea for Lendingkart also was a result of me just taking a walk. I was in London, and I was living close to the Tower Bridge, every night I would go for my daily walk and then think about how to make the lives of the small businesses easier – how can I contribute and on one of the days, I knew the solution.
For me, walking translates philosophically as well. As a start-up founder and an entrepreneur, it’s important to keep walking and achieving new heights on the business front. To be able to lead a team in the right direction and in a way create a path for others to walk on to build something successful.
So, I keep walking, literally and otherwise, even when I’m tired because it’s the only way to move forward.

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