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BY Rahul Sharma

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The invention of shoes dates back to circa 1600 to 1200 BC when mountain dwellers, living on the border of Iran made soft shoes out of wraparound leather, similar to moccasin. Covering our feet and providing comfort was foremost in the minds of our ancestors when they made shoes. However, with the evolution of fashion, this simple human need turned into a fast-paced growing industry where design is as important as the functionality of shoes.
As the old English saying goes, ‘A man/woman in known by the shoes he/she wears.’ Here’s how footwear can say a thing or two about who you are!

• An owner of expensive shoes is a high-income earner – People who wear expensive shoes supposedly earn well enough to afford expensive shoes. They usually prefer to invest high a lot of money in their appearance as they are perfectionists.

• Owners of flashy footwear are usually extroverts – A person with flashy, bright-coloured shoes is someone extroverted and outgoing. It shows that the person is fun loving, outgoing and easily approachable.

• Practical shoes mean that the person is agreeable – A person owning practical shoes is considered to be agreeable, warm and generous. They usually prefer comfort while working which means that they have a strong work ethic.

• Old but well-kept shoes mean a conscientious person – A meticulous dedication to footwear upkeep implies that the owner is self-disciplined, conscientious and sincere in his or her work.

• Someone who wears new shoes frequently has attachment anxieties – This behaviour indicates a lack of emotional stability. They keep worrying about their professional relationships and pay too much attention to others’ opinions of them.

• Boring shoes reveal an aloof person – A person who wears boring shoes often is usually very detached from their surroundings. Since they don’t care what other people might think of them, they pay less attention to their appearance.
Clothes you wear, shoes you own and how you keep your hair can indicate an individual’s characteristic traits and lead others to form opinions about the wearer. So, for this generation, it is not only important to adhere to the dress code but also make sure you present yourself well if you want to make the right impression.

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