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BY Priyanka Salot

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Traveling is an eye-opening experience. Apart from the adventure, you can learn so much about yourself and the world around you by exploring different places. From bungee jumping in Hong Kong to diving at the Great Barrier Reef, my love for adventure has opened my eyes to possibilities and my ability to push myself!
But all this came to an abrupt halt with the pandemic. With lockdowns imposed and flights grounded across the world, traveling came to a halt and the adventurer in me was forced to take the backseat. The only good news was that it gave me ample time to indulge in my other love – reading. I’ve always been an avid reader. During the lockdown, I had the chance to go back to my love for books, which had been somewhat cut down because of my hectic schedule. In that sense, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed me to spend more time with my family and my books.

What I love reading most are autobiographies or biographies. As an entrepreneur, I am naturally interested in reading about the people who have made a mark in their own field. But it’s not just their entrepreneurial qualities that I find interesting. Their journey as human beings can be equally inspiring.
My favourite book is Steve Jobs, the authorised biography of the Apple Inc. founder. His twin obsessions, for a customer-centric approach and for his product, have been the guiding principle in my own entrepreneurial journey. Another autobiography that I love is Sam Walton: Made in America. This candid book tells us about the thoughts, ideas, and ambitions of the man who founded Walmart. Finally, we come to Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don’t. This is an amazing book that gives us an illuminating insight into different businesses and brands. It’s the one book that every entrepreneur should read.
I have found my ideas, inspirations, and life principles between the pages of these books. They have given me a window into the lives of great men and women, and helped me learn about different people from different walks of life. This lockdown, books have become my favoured companion, comfort, and solace when life came to a standstill.

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