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BY Mauli Teli

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Challenges shape a person, professionally and personally. When thrown into an uncertain roller coaster, one can choose to embrace it by learning from experiences or resent the lost time. The year 2020 was a challenging one for most of us and my practically new venture as well.
I needed an escape and distraction which would help me calm my mind, be with myself, and do self-introspection. I have always been an avid reader and organiser; maintaining discipline in day-to-day life is something that I believe in. While the outbreak of the virus disrupted the discipline, it also did give us a chance to reinvent ourselves and an opportunity to help mould ourselves into better beings. It was difficult to equip myself during the initial phase of the lockdown, but it was my interest in reading books that helped me sail through. Reading allows me to be myself, helps me stay calm, and stay away from unwanted chaos.

Different genres from romantic, drama and literature to current affairs and biographies, I love reading and building my knowledge and vocabulary. I read for different reasons, whether to merely escape into a different world or to learn about world affairs and make sense of what’s going on around us. ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama, ‘Milkman’ by Anna Burns, ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover and ‘Middlemarch’ by George Elliot were some of my favourite reads over the last year.
Other than reading, my regular day starts with waking up and hitting the gym, which helps me clear my head and gives a clear vision of the things I must do in the day. With the new opportunities coming my way, I chose to have a seamless work-life balance. This not only helps one to stay connected with their family and friends but also helps in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and sound mental health. With discipline comes focus which helps people at every level of life achieve the things they never expected and gives meaning to one’s life.
The beginning of a new journey needed me to be in the right space of mind which helps me strike a balance and prevent me from getting drained out.

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