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BY Ganesh Ramani

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There has been one constant in my life – movement. Whether it was moving from city to city, thanks to my father’s transferable job, my love for travel, or even the fact that long walks and quick jogs are my preferred exercises. Change and transition are constants. This is why, to stay on my toes, I play badminton and run quite a bit. This requires discipline, which you can build over time. There is a lot of internal resistance that you have to push yourself to overcome but, once you conquer it, it becomes second nature.
You must apply this discipline while managing your professional and personal time. Setting aside time for yourself is important. Before you know it, you end up spending multiple weeks without dedicating any time to your hobbies or self-care. I make sure to have family vacations at least twice a year. My aim is to explore India, our nation that is steeped in culture and experiences! My last getaway was to the Belur and Halebidu belt in Karnataka. The twin cities were the foundations of the Hoysala Dynasty. The temple complexes are architectural marvels, the structures assembled with gridlock, interlock and pin-and-socket systems. The artistry and magnificent detailing are breathtaking.

Historic places fascinate me; they offer not just a glimpse into our rich past but also a lesson in attention to detail — which we often take for granted. Sometimes, we take advantage of the goodwill we enjoy by being part of a country or organisation. Little do we realise that we are reaping the benefits of the work done by those before us. We are following the path of our leaders and guides.
Initially, I would take great pride in the achievement of personal goals. However, I now understand that leadership is more about doing what is right for others, gaining dignity and respect. We should leave behind a legacy for the generations to come so that they are proud to be associated with us. My constant endeavour has been to leave whatever I come across better than how I found it. This has been my motto – it motivates me, it got me to where I am today and it pushes me to continuously make changes and contribute to everything I take responsibility for.

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