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BY Anuja Deora Sanctis

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I have always been an avid user of digital space, especially social media. As an early adopter, I was intrigued by the way these digital platforms connected people across the globe. This was in a time and age when digital marketing was not a standalone term. I used to feel excited about platforms like Instagram and Twitter, which were engaging in their unique ways, and strongly felt there could be more to these platforms than just personal conversations.
That’s when I had my ‘Eureka!’ moment, sipping coffee at an outlet of Starbucks. I decided to take brands digital and was about to go tell businesses to believe me and bet on Instagram as the next big platform for their marketing. But back in 2012-2014, it was not so simple to convince brands to build their brand digitally. Especially not for me, as I was a banker with a high paying job. I strongly believed in digital marketing as the next big thing, and badly wanted to do something about it. The idea then was simply to create content that fits a brand, support it with photography that grabs attention and have mood boards that you pause to look at. I got my first break with L’Oreal, as my very first client. They believed in me and my idea and Filter Coffee Co. was thus born.

We all stumble upon multiple ideas daily, and don’t even remember them by the end of it. My idea from that coffee wouldn’t have breathed life, if I hadn’t chased it. My intuition to bet on digital platforms was purely based on what I liked to do and what I would do, as a brand. I wanted to be the brand and its audience, too.
As a woman entrepreneur, I have evolved into multiple roles over time. From being the creative head, to a mentor to now being a new mother, my intuition has evolved too, and this personal evolution has made me grow my company in a similar way. As an agency, we thrive on this only – chasing ideas. Our clients love us because we think like the brand owners. We love to create what we love to see.
I want to leave the readers with one question: When was the last time you paused to chase an idea, follow your intuition and find your calling?

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