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BY Himanshu Arora

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An entrepreneur’s time goes into managing multiple challenges, be it as big as dealing with a client crisis or as simple as getting the conference room’s AC fixed. ‘Me’ time often becomes a luxury, that’s rarely available.

I believe that thinking before acting and focusing is the key to making a fitting decision. During the pandemic, while people explored new interests and hobbies, I focused on going back to my roots and connecting. That’s when I decided to reconnect with my love of cycling. I started with shorter distances like 10km; and within a short span of time, I found myself cycling for 100kms. Pedaling, rushing against the wind, rationalizing and fitness, while tuning in to a podcast I love - this amalgamation is what I call the recipe to a magical experience.

I look at cycling as an equalizer, starting from ground zero and acing milestones as you strive ahead. But the journey is memorable only when you have someone to share it with! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to build a community of friends, inside and outside the advertising world.

In my quest for a simple breather, I found my new passion. Cycling now feels larger than life in my eyes. Metaphorically, it has taught me lessons to navigate my life, like finding my own pace or how the symbolic rhythms of your feet going up and down or in circles can still take you to your desired destination. Physically, it primarily taught my body endurance, a strength that has now helped me in all walks of life.

It’s not a matter of finding a hobby to pass time, time is money in this hustling world, we got to find time for something that serves multiple purposes. Cycling became my one-stop solution to gaining the balance I need in mind, body, soul, and life. It has become a part of me that I do not want to part with any time soon. The thrill and the clarity, the rush and the peace. It’s unapologetically addicting. Also, on the bright side, I can say the only free rides I take in life are pollution-free rides.

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