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BY Harsh Agrawal

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Fountainhead and CEO, ShoutMeLoud
The dawn of the digital age has brought infinite advancements in life. What we shouldn’t forget is that the door swings both sides. With perks and benefits that came along with rising technology, some bad things too have crawled into our lives.

Yes! You heard right. Internet Addiction is the new gorgon in this cyber age that is prying on billions of lives. The habit of staying online has entwined with daily life in such a deceitful way that we aren’t even able to recognise when this habit changes into addiction and takes us away from real life.

People get so lost in the virtual world that even self-realisation can no more help them in controlling the matter at hand.

Disconnect to connect
We all have heard our elders telling us in our childhood – don’t overdo it. In retrospect, that is something that shouldn’t skip our minds. Being a professional blogger, I can certainly vouch for the importance of the internet in life – both professional and personal.

With the rise in social media as well, the internet world has been demanding more focus. Unwarily, we all have traded the joy of real-world interactions for the virtual chit-chats. Most of the people today fail in marking the boundaries between the real and the virtual world and fall in the abyss of internet addiction. One can’t know when the internet consumes one’s life and takes a toll on both physical and mental well-being.

Standing at the edge: recognising the addiction
A few days ago, I just glanced at my week’s activity and that was the moment I found myself standing at the edge and realising my internet addiction. I was spending nearly 15 hours a day on the internet – counting both my professional work and personal activities. Amid this chaotic lifestyle, I forgot what it was like meeting people in real life.

Even though the post-COVID age urges us all to maintain social distance, the new normal doesn’t rule out physical interactions. The moment of self-actualisation came for me when I stopped myself from saying what I truly felt, or rather started writing status updates to be acknowledged. I woke up to find that my life was caught up in the virtual world, and that was the clarion call for me to shake up my routine.

Conquering internet addiction

Since the day it has dawned upon me, I’ve resolved not to get caught up in the internet zone again. It was a celebratory moment for me when I completed two weeks away from the internet in the real world as a real person. The unintentional detox has helped me connect back to reality and enjoy the facets of real-life that were long ignored.

While being away from the hyper-connected internet world, I realised that it had become difficult for me to hold face-to-face non-virtual conversations. My determination gave me the required strength, and I came out with flying colours. If you too find yourself in a similar dilemma or challenging situation, I strongly recommend that you disconnect to connect.

Minimise your social network; limit your social media presence; don’t engage too much in multi-tasking; stay focused on your goals; immerse yourself in reading and watching; utilise electronic gadgets, smartphones, tablets and laptops only when necessary.

Lastly, don’t forget what your elders use to say when you were young – don’t overdo it! I have journeyed extensively to understand the importance of real-life, and I have finally marked my boundaries. It’s time for you to embark on your journey to conquer internet addiction. Good luck!

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