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BY Mohammed Salim Khan

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My name is Mohammed Salim Khan and my YouTube channel is MSK. I am here to bust some myths about vlogging that no one else will talk about.

Myth: It’s not a career
Reality: It is very much a career, and you can make a living off of it
Starting a YouTube channel is like starting a business. Just like running an organisation, you need resources and experience to have a successful vlogging career. Times have changed, and you can be a full-time vlogger.

Myth: Vloggers don’t read comments
Reality: We read almost all comments, but just don’t get the time to reply to each of them
Our subscribers’ comments are very special to us. Whether positive or negative, they make and break us. Our viewers’ feedback is very important.

Myth: Sponsorships and brands come easily to us
Reality: Nothing comes knocking on our door. We have to work hard to pitch and close deals.
We are all here to make some money. No one works for free. And brands and sponsorships are our bonus. But they don’t come easy in life. Competition is huge and the market is small, so we have to work for it.

Myth: Vlogging is easy. You only have to record and upload. 
Reality: Vlogging is tough.
If we only recorded and uploaded videos, no one would watch it. Every vlog is like a mini-movie. When I create videos I build a story around it, but it’s not scripted or planned. The emotions, the circumstances… everything is spontaneous and natural.

Myth: All vloggers hate each other.
Reality: All vloggers of India are a community.
My fellow YouTubers and I have a healthy relationship and healthy competition. We all support and root for each other.

Myth: Everything you see is not reality.
Reality: Fortunately or unfortunately, everything we show is actually reality.
I try to build an entire narrative based on my real life. My house, my food, my lifestyle – I integrate everything to make my vlogs entertaining and informative. I don’t believe in click-bait. My subscribers supported me when I had nothing, and now I am a vlogger because of them.

It is easy to be a spectator and comment on what we do and judge if we are right or wrong. If I had to boil down my life as a vlogger, all I would say is – it is fun! Live your life. Live your dream.

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