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BY Piyush Somani

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As a practice of good health & well-being, I have been visiting the Dhammagiri Vipassana Center at Igatpuri. During one of my stays in 2020 at the Center, I got introduced to the self-version 2.0 after my first round of Vipassana.

When I went to the Vipassana for the first time, I was too possessive about various things. I couldn’t tolerate things that went against my wishes in the organization. If I wanted something and that didn’t happen, I couldn’t bear it, which led to frustration and disgust. I had a lot of issues within myself, and was extremely stressed out. I had stopped enjoying my work completely, but what followed was out of my imagination! The first thing that I learned was everything in me and around me is temporary; nothing is permanent. Change is the constant force that drives everything. There is a continuous movement of electrons and protons in everything that surrounds us. When we possess or are attached to something, the same thoughts keep circling us, either good or bad, we get attached to these thoughts. We need to get rid of these attachments, and this happens only when you get through the Vipassana meditation. By practicing this, I could see & experience the changes happening in my body. I was able to ‘connect’ with my subconscious mind, and this was when I realized that the subconscious mind has nothing to do with worldly things like pains, sorrows, pleasures, and everything that my conscious mind keeps on experiencing. When you practice meditation for longer durations, the subconscious & conscious minds connect with each other, and this is when one experiences enlightenment.
I am not an enlightened person, but a massive improvement has happened in me, and I believe that this transformation has also directly benefited everything that I work on. I could not anticipate this change from what I was two years back. I am no longer attached to any outcome and let things happen. I ensure that the vision, mission, and purpose that I have set for myself continues to remain a top priority and attempt to make sure that it is achieved in this lifetime. When my time comes to leave, I would like to leave a legacy behind that will continue for a long, long time.

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