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BY Satyam Kumar

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One of the core goals of a human being is to work toward the social mobility of society, nation, family and self. Wealth creation is an important part of it, which happens through leverages created by the way of knowledge, creativity, science & technology, and capital (money). All of this is based on a very basic premise that we all remain healthy to execute our thoughts and plans.
As a leader, I ensure our products and services are as unique as the financial dynamics of our economy. However, I strongly believe in maintaining a sound mind and a healthy body, which will allow me to continue doing this for a reasonably long period of time, and make a meaningful impact on society. To achieve this, I dedicate a significant amount of time to yoga, meditation, reading, and physical activities like volleyball, swimming, or walking. Juggling three balls — family, work and self-development — are never easy, and hence most of the time for self-growth and strengthening is chosen around the time my kids are tucked into their bed.

It is quite clear that I follow a combination of solo and group activities to stay fit. While yoga, meditation and reading are largely solos — can be done during early hours or late evenings— volleyball, swimming, and walking typically allow you coordinated execution, peer-reviewed effort, and friendly chat. All of it helps me stay focused, agile, and calm amid the noise and data overload of modern-day business enterprises.
Besides learning by doing, we all learn a lot from colleagues, mentors, friends, and peers. Another great source of learning is books, while reading is a luxury for start-up founders, we often get some quiet moments during travel or holidays to pick up a book. I read all three genres — fiction, non-fiction, and mythology. I am fascinated by some non-fiction books and books from Hindu mythology as they have a very beautiful way of building up the lead character, and sketching the evolution of societies. One of the books that have impacted me of late is ‘Yoga Vasishta’, a conversation between Lord Rama and his guru Vasishta, and then of course you have ‘Geeta’ to fall back on.
I believe wherever I am today is because I have held on to reading and learning from our eco-system.

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