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OOH : Biocoop – the most eco-friendly campaign ever


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From : Paris, by Fred &Farid Group

French organic food retailer, to raise awareness about its earth friendly ethics and philosophies, produced an integrated campaign with minimum elements that produced carbon. The pictures were taken using a pin-hole camera, developed on film by hand, top lines and logos painted using vegetable inks and even the minimally designed website was created in an eco-friendly way. It claims to have generated over 30 million impressions after consuming just 5.9 tons of C02.


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To cut through all the evil vibe that Maggi’s parent company has garnered over the past fortnight, here’s a story of a firm that’s as passionate about being eco-friendly as Nestle is about profiteering. Biocoop, France’s oldest organic food network specializes in the distribution of fair trade, organically produced foods and cosmetics.


Like in India, organic food costs more in Europe, is probably even more out of the reach of the middle class but has more takers per million because, you know, it’s the fine French consumers we’re talking of. The other thing going for organic food, apart from its health benefits is the emotional appeal to potential users to think green, be responsible.


Now to propagate an ethical/fair/green philosophy is one thing (look up any campaign that promises to donate x per cent to charity or holds events, with their logos up and shining), but to practise what you propagate is quite another. Having done this with compulsive, mind-boggling discipline and detail, Biocoop has just taken its brand image to another level. This long, cumbersome outdoor print campaign features inspiring deeds that not only make the customer aware, but also point out at how the ad industry contributes to global warming ‘while’ trying to give out messages of eco-friendliness. Check out the process –developing pictures with systematically recycled products, the crew cycling to work, consuming local organic food, printing pictures 25 per cent smaller, even making a 3MB light website to explain the campaign.


Moreover, the makers went to crazier levels - generating electricity for their computer using a bicycle and hosting the website on a green server.


The results were millions of social media impressions, but more importantly, a point proved, with painstaking efforts, that ad campaigns can be eco-friendly too, and that Biocoop can go to any extent to produce an excellent, low-carbon creation. Time our brands, especially the ones propagating healthy living, invest brain cells and monies in practicing what they preach. Further reading? Look up ad films of the cosmetic brands Burt’s Bees.


(To watch the film, feed this link into your browser:bit.ly/Biocoop)





Facebook launches Lite

If you’re a Facebook advertiser, you might want to check out Zuck’s announcement of Facebook Lite, a  new gareeb aka stripped down version of Facebook for Android. By using less data and promising to work well across third world network conditions, it is a plan to capture more users across our part of the world. “In many areas, networks can be slow and not able to support all the functionality found.. Lite was built for.. giving people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum,” the release says. So Lite is like CCD Express - an app less than 1mb but still packs in News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications and more.

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The rise of desi fitness apps

A second round of funding within a month after a first by Healthify Me has prompted me to flag off the rise of fitness oriented social platforms that are on the cusp of promising growth in our metros. Healthify Me is a platform that helps customers keep track of their diet and workouts, and connects them with trainers to draw up exercise and diet plans. It also claims to have the largest Indian food database and a calorie counter for regional and local foods, which was the problem many faced with foreign apps. Another player in this space is Fitternity, which has networked well with all kinds of urban fitness centres in Mumbai I see. I can also report of another player waiting to enter, one that wants to be a ‘Flipkart’ for fitness.

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Twitter’s new ‘Lightening’ to strike

And finally, Mashable has reported while going to the press that it’s planning to launch a new feature called Project Lightning this year. It’s another photocentric tool that will allow users to browse tweets based on live events. Apparently it was the outgoing CEO who outlined this vision for the new experience. The mysteriously named Project Lightning will be curated around live events, which basically seems like Twitter’s response to the rise of Snapchat. How this changes the reportage of major sporting events and music festivals and breaking news, remains to be seen.

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